A Little Winter Break Recap

On Christmas morning Steve and I made our usual festive breakfast (chocolate croissants, bacon, parfaits and scrambled eggs). Steve was very proud of his scrambled eggs and told the kids, “You’re going to love these. They are cooked to perfection in bacon grease.”

A few minutes later Ellie piped up and said, “Dad, you were so wrong.” Dad: “About what?” Ellie: “About these eggs being delicious. They. Taste. Horrible.”

They didn’t really, but her comment about them made us all laugh. She still had to eat the horrible eggs before getting her chocolate croissant, because even on Christmas morning, life requires that you eat the horrible eggs first.

waters trio 2015 a

I guess she’s been a bit dramatic lately. On New Year’s Eve we had some friends over to roast marshmallows for s’mores in our fireplace (best new tradition I can think of!) and play card and board games. Ellie got Uno for Christmas, but she was sad she hadn’t won a hand yet. She was next to our friend Annie in this particular round and Annie kept sending her skips and draw twos of out necessity. So Ellie turned to her and said, “You are the worst person to play this game with.” So I guess Annie doesn’t get to play Uno with us anymore.


waters trio 2015 b

Oh, and I should mention that it took two different shoots and so many pictures to get this one where everyone was cooperating for the Christmas card. There was a moment in the second shoot where they all kept saying, “Mom! Next year there will be four kids in the photo!” And I just kept thinking… “This is the last year we are ever doing Christmas card photos…” if three is this hard, let’s just plain forget four. So, there you go. No Christmas card pictures for a few years. But we love you all.

Popcorn CrownsWhen Olivia sat down next to Henry at the breakfast table the other day she announced, “Henry! You know what? Today is a special day. I get to sit by you!”

She also likes to sing A Whole New World. But she gets the lyrics a little wrong. “I’m like a shooting star! I can’t go far!” It seems that maybe we should tell her how shooting stars work.

And when she finally got some real snow to play in while we visited my family in Idaho, she broke right into “Let It Go”. As anyone would.



The snow was nice and powdery, perfect for throwing.

And because he’s way too cute not to get a shoutout, here’s Henry being a super hero. Also, when asked repeatedly, he said that his favorite part of Christmas was putting up the snowflake wall. Which was when I hung snowflake ornaments by fishing line along one of our walls. Occasionally he picked up a snowflake and handed it to me. Great Christmas memories in the making.


Oh, and of course, our biggest news of Christmas break is that we found out Christmas morning that we are getting a baby…
December-3825BOY! Yay!

I think Henry will really enjoy having a brother to keep him company. And boys are just the best. As are girls. I guess now we can look forward to being an even split. Can’t wait!

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  1. What a cool posting. Love hearing your family stories. And the pictures are really good, even though you get challenged to get them all in the picture right. Hey, I bet we see Christmas pictures of all four children. What a great family. So proud of you and Steve!

    Blessings, John

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