Archer at One Month Old

One month in and we’re determined to keep him.


Archer has been pretty great, and has seemed fairly content to join the craziness around here. When his siblings pester him too much he just falls asleep out of annoyance – which is a great coping skill, if you ask me.


The big kids have lots of things to say about him. For one, they think he cries a lot. (He doesn’t, really). And when he does cry, they’re quick to problem solve. “He made a bird face! That means he’s hungry!” // “He’s crying because he wants his pacifier/blanket/toys/etc.” And my favorite, from Henry, “Maybe he’s crying because his umbilical cord is out.”

And they really like to think that he is talking to them. Ellie today said, “Archer said his first word! He said “Oh”. For real. I didn’t even make him do it!” And when Olivia heard that “Oh” she said, “He is trying to say “Oh – Oh – Olivia! He is trying to say my name!” Again, we clearly have a very advanced baby.


I mean, doesn’t he look so smart and sophisticated?


He’s still a little yellow, but he has the greatest smile when we can coax it out of him. It takes over his whole face. I hope he’ll be a very smiley baby. And thankfully he’s already gotten his nights in order. He usually sleeps from about 8pm-2am or so, eats and then goes back to sleep. Even if he does wake back up a time or two before the morning, he is happy to just eat and snuggle back to sleep. Which is good, because, well, he’s the fourth kid.

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Dear Archer,

We love you so much and we’re so glad you’re here with us.

I hope you’ll always love adventure, and also be content to enjoy the simple pleasures of the every day.

I hope you’ll always be snuggly, and you’ll love to learn, and that you’ll tell us all kinds of funny stories.

I hope that you’ll live up to your name. An Archer is a defender – a champion of those who are in need. An Archer protects, is valiant and courageous and stands up for what is right. May you always be a protector of the weak, a friend to the forgotten, a lighthouse of hope and a safe harbor. May you be a guardian of the sacred, and advocate for those who have no voice.

Holding your tiny self in my arms is overwhelming sometimes. I have so many hopes and dreams for you. I have fears and plans and so many things I want to be sure you know. I feel so responsible for teaching you those things, and worry I won’t be everything you need me to be. But baby, I’m going to try my hardest.

This world you were born into – it’s a terrible world, and a beautiful one. May you be someone who adds to its beautiful. Who encourages and loves. Who lights up the room with a smile. May you be strong, yet gentle. May you be brave and compassionate and fearless.

You’re one of a kind. Thank God you’re mine.

I’ll love you forever and ever.

Love, Mama

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