An Easy Dinosaur Hoodie

Ellie’s BFF Jake just turned two. Jake loves dinosaurs. I love Pinterest. I saw the idea to make a dinosaur hoodie out of a regular sweatshirt and got really excited! (Not having boys myself means I need other people’s boys to bestow boyish crafts upon.) So I bought an $8 hoodie from Target. And a few dollars worth of felt from JoAnn’s. A seam ripper, scissors and a sewing machine later… voila! A dinosaur hoodie:

All I did was cut the hoodie down the center of the hood and up the middle of the back, leaving the yoke of the neck in tact for ease (putting all those seams back together would be tricky). I cut triangles out of felt, sewed two of them together for each spike, and then pinned them so that they were in between the severed pieces of the hoodie. A nice stitch to put everything together was all it took.

I think he likes it. Well, at least his mom likes it. I’m not sure how aware he is of the coolness that is his jacket. But he was good enough to model it anyway.

Pretty cute, huh? Almost makes me want to get a boy of my own just so I can dress him up as a baby dinosaur. Almost… maybe not just yet.