Millions of Peaches, Peaches for Me

Okay, there weren’t millions of peaches. Not yet, anyway. Maybe next week? But there were millions of blueberries. And we picked like half of them. Also, who was going to tell me that Tulameen Raspberries taste just like candy? Seriously amazing. For the next few weeks I think that all my effort will have to go into getting as many of those raspberries in my belly as humanly possible. I’ll keep you posted.

Usually we go to Columbia Farms, but today we went to Sauvie Island Farms because they have the most picturesque peach orchard. It really makes me want to move to Sauvie Island and never look back. Also, they have tractor rides that can take you,¬†wagon and all, to the farthest parts of the farm, so you don’t have to walk the whole way. It’s kind of magical.

And when we were walking on the road Henry was sure to warn me over and over again, “Mama, get out of the road! You don’t want to get hit by a tractor.” He’s very bossy lately.


Sauvie Island-1055

peaches 2

Sauvie Island-1076 bw

Sauvie Island-1118 bw

Sauvie Island-1165

Sauvie Island-1182

It’s so wild and overgrown there, perfect for the kids to play all sorts of games. I think they were playing Lion King. And they were trading off being different preschool friends. And, a new favorite, Henry and Olivia were pretending to be Harry and Lavender. Olivia made up those names. I have no idea where she got them from. But I love it because it sounds like an old detective show or something. “Harry and Lavender, Detectives, at your service.”

It was here that I was randomly approached about surrogacy by another mom out in the fields. She works for an agency that connects surrogates with families in need. I guess my kids must have been extra cute today. That or I was giving off some really killer baby-maker pheromones.

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