Places: Lake Cascade, Idaho

In case you didn’t get overloaded on vacation pictures via my Instagram, here are some more! Aren’t you so glad? I know you are. We spent last week swimming and playing at Lake Cascade in southern Idaho. My grandparents invited us to stay at the lake house. It’s so beautiful there. I love taking my kids to one of my very favorite childhood places. It’s amazing to see them enjoying the same things that I was fortunate to enjoy, and still do!

We were lucky to be escaping the ridiculous Portland heat. Goodness gracious. I am not cut out for 100 degree temps anymore. Seriously. I felt like Henry, who keeps saying over and over again, “I’m Olaf. I’m melting.”

And the water this year was incredible. It’s never been so warm! Lake Cascade is a reservoir created by glacial run-off and rain fall, so I think that because there was hardly any snow this year, the water was never that cold to begin with. I know all the skiers at Brundage and Tamarack were disappointed, but it worked nicely in our favor this summer. IMG_5433

Lake House-0670^^ these are my grandparents, Bud and Ellie, with the girls. this is where our Ellie got her name. and Henry Campbell is named after Bud, whose full name is Merle Campbell, and also after my brother, Charles Campbell. It is their lake house that we visited, and it is always lovely to spend time with them, which doesn’t happen nearly enough.Lake House-0989^^ I found a picture of my sisters and me with my grandma from 20+ years ago… and I was happy that my grandma thought it would be fun to recreate it. Lake House-0630

Lake House-0679

House Love-0705^^ we always make a stop at my father’s place in mccall, idaho. they have delicious milkshakes!Lake House-0736-2^^ my cousins, hailey and wyatt, are the same ages as my kids and they get along so well! the five of them had a sleep-over together in the attic after a very long day of swimming and s’moresing. Lake House-0758-2^^ henry was quite the celebrity when we snacked at ice cream alley. but seriously, who could not love those adorable little lips all blue from bubble gum ice cream. Lake House-0911

Lake House-0909

Lake House-0889^^ most of the days were just all about the swimming. with intermittent breaks to eat and maybe watch a movie. it is summer vacation after all. Lake House-0887

Lake House-0885

Lake House-0863

Lake House-0850

Lake House-0776

Lake House-0814Lake House-0819


Lake House-0907 BWand then came the fireworks!Lake House-0943-2^^ the sunsets on the Fourth always seem particularly spectacular. we like to bundle up (to keep the mosquitos at bay) and watch it while we wait for fireworks. // lake cascade is my absolute favorite place to spend the 4th of July. I love the boats coming in while the sun set. I love the fireworks reflecting off the water as their echoes boomerang through the canyon. and then the boats return, glowing and sparkling in the darkness as amateur fireworks go off all over the lake. it’s pretty magical. especially when you get to take it all in with your favorite people in the world.Lake House-0927 BW

Lake House-0947

Lake House-0950

Lake House-0960

While we were watching the fireworks, Olivia exclaimed, “OOOHH! That one had hair!” and Henry remained mostly quiet until he blurted out randomly, “Hi, Firework! How was your day, Firework?” Isn’t he so polite?

(If you want to see a timelapse I took of the sun setting, the boats coming in and the fireworks from Donnelly, Idaho, check out the video here: Fireworks Over Lake Cascade.)

Where does your family like to vacation? Do you like taking your children back to your favorite places?

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