So you want to know something about me? Well, let’s see.

I’m Michelle. I’m just a girl with a bunch of kids (four at last count), who likes good design and pink trees and hand-written letters. Also black and white photography, tea with scones, and using tape to fix just about anything.

I live in a little city just outside of Portland, Oregon with my husband and our beautiful menagerie of children.

Once when I told my oldest daughter, Ellie, that we would go to Disneyland someday she replied, “No, today. Today is someday.” And ever since that phrase has been kind of written on my heart. So you’ll find that I’m trying to seize today as the someday I’ve been waiting for, and taking the opportunity to try new things, write a thing or two, bake lots of chocolate chip cookies, and love my family hard. (But I still haven’t taken her to Disneyland.)



P.S. The first house we owned in Portland was featured on Design Mom. Read the interview here!

P.P.S. Feel like sticking around? Here are some of my favorite posts: Olivia’s Tangled Birthday Party / Musings on Girlfriendship / Ellie’s How to Train Your Dragon Cake / Things I Love About Henry / FNE: Atlas Pizza / Millions of Peaches / Things I Wish I Had Known As a First Time Mother / On Losing Candace / A Little House Love 

All photos in this post by Becca of Lady & Gent Photography.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Michelle! And hope you are well on this wet, overcast Portland day — not very many pink cherry blossoms out right now to photograph against the grey sky, unfortunately.

    My name is Julia Silverman, and I’m the editor of PDX Parent, a local parenting magazine that you may have seen around town — we try to have the magazine available anywhere that local families might go.

    We’re doing some advance planning for our June/July issue right now, and my managing editor and I were hoping to run a berry-picking picture, since that is such a quintessential Portland-kids-in-the-summer activity. I came across your Millions of Peaches post and fell in love with the picture of your daughter, the one where she is wearing a hat and looking down at the colander full of peaches. We all agreed that it would make a terrific summer cover photo.

    So I’m writing to see if you’d be open to that! Normally, in exchange for a photograph that has already been shot, we offer local photographers a free quarter-page ad in the magazine, which is a good value, since they usually cost about $400. Alternatively, I can check in with our publisher about a stipend — maybe $50, since it’s not a commissioned photo, but at least enough to take the kids out for pizza for all.

    If you’re open to it, I hope you’ll get in touch with me at the email listed below. It’s a fun keepsake for grandparents, too.

    All the best,

    Julia Silverman

    1. Hi Julia,
      Thanks so much for your note! I would be honored if my photographs were featured! I will email you!

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