We’re Having Another Baby!

I usually don’t share stuff like this on my blog for some reason, but this time I had to because I have to write down all the hilarious things my kids have to say about it.


We waited to tell our kids about baby number four until we were ready for everyone to know. That turned out to be a good idea, since it is now all they can talk about. We showed them a sonogram picture after dinner one day and when they realized it was a picture of a new baby, they were elated. Ellie had a squeal of delight and excitement caught in her throat and she wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear, “My wish came true!” It was one of the best moments of my life.

And then Olivia said, “Congratulations!” and it was so grown up and funny that it made us laugh. They are very, very excited to be big sisters again. Henry is coming to understand that it’s a baby human and not a baby fish, and when asked, 3 out of 4 times he says he wants a sister. The girls also want a sister because then the baby can share a room with them, or at least that’s what they think.

Over the next few days, they said some great things about the baby.

Ellie: I didn’t know you were pregnant! I just thought you were eating a lot!

Ellie: So, when are we going to open a memory box and blue or pink things come out so we know if the baby is a boy or a girl?

Olivia: Can I feel the baby? Can I listen to the baby? I heard the baby crying. It wants more food!

Henry: Is it a baby fish?

Aunt Brynn: Henry, do you want a brother or a sister?
Henry: A sister.
Aunt Brynn: And what should the baby’s name be?
Henry: TARZAN!

Other baby name suggestions include: Ariel, Megan, Flynn and Rapunzel.

I asked Olivia for a bite of her pizza and she declined, but then I said the baby was hungry and she handed it right over. And Henry gave me lots of bites of his pizza, too. So yeah, I’m going to be using that one a lot.

Also, before you go, this note that Ellie has been writing for everyone. She was giving them out at Friendsgiving and then later she said, “I said “I love you” to Spencer. And I don’t even know him very well!” I think after that experience she might differentiate her notes a little bit. But still… this is the best.

did you know?

In case you can’t read Kindergartenese, this note says, “I love you. Did you know that my mom is pregnant with her fourth baby. Xoxo Ellie W. Xoxo Olivia S. Xoxo Henry C. Love Ellie W. Love Olivia S. Love Henry”

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